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The e-Lise Foundation is a non-profit organization (NGO). All resources are being used to improve the starting position for nuclear energy, and the social support for it, in the worldwide fight against climate change, poverty, air pollution and water scarcity.

Your contribution is essential to achieving these goals!

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Name: e-Lise . Foundation
IBAN: NL28 INGB 0009 4492 56

Charity Information

Registered as: the e-Lise Foundation
Founded on December 30, 2020, in Arnhem
Chamber of Commerce: 81398484
Located in Utrecht, Radonweg 1

The foundation has an ANBI status


Policy plan


Purpose and mission

The mission of the e-Lise Foundation is described in the statutes as follows:

1. The aim of the foundation is: to increase political, social and economic support for nuclear energy based on the vision that nuclear energy can play a key role in a fair distribution of prosperity and growth, in the Netherlands but also in developing countries; and furthermore everything that is directly or indirectly related to or may be conducive thereto, all in the broadest sense.

2. The foundation tries to achieve its goal, among other things, by working, in the Netherlands and abroad, for an energy system that is more reliable, efficient, cheaper, requires less space and raw materials and is less harmful to the living environment, environment and climate than a system that is based on fossil energy carriers or on exclusively 'renewable' energy. This energy system comprises a total concept for the use of nuclear energy that is characterized, among other things, but not exclusively, by diversification of the output of nuclear power plants (in addition to electricity, for example hydrogen, synthetic fuels, clean water, district heating and process heat) and by a closed fuel cycle based on of uranium, thorium or plutonium as well as through the recovery of fission products.

The Foundation wants to map out and help realize the preconditions under which a good business case is created on an economic and social level for this total concept for the use of nuclear energy. The Foundation is also committed to the realization of these preconditions with the aim of achieving sustainable nuclear energy, and thus lasting social support for the cleanest possible energy supply for a modern society.

Board members of the e-Lise foundation

Chairman: Mathijs Beckers
Secretary: Gijs Zwartsenberg
Treasurer: Albert van der Wijk

The foundation was established on December 30, 2020. The statutes stipulate that 2021 will be the first reporting year that the foundation will publish. That will be done on this page.

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