We see nuclear energy as a means to create sustainable employment and prosperity. The nuclear sector creates well-paid jobs that directly and indirectly benefit large groups of people within municipalities and provinces. Nuclear energy brings a lot of economic activity to communities: through taxes, through operations, employees, suppliers, service providers and security guards. Also, the all the ancillary services in a region benefit from the nuclear power plant, ranging from anything between schools and supermarkets.

We believe it is important to include society in this 'nucleair transition'. This means, for example, that there will be a constant need to train young people. To this end, we would like to invite institutes of secondary and higher vocational education and universities to work with us on the prerequisite training.

During our start-up phase, we explicitly look for partners such as municipalities and provinces (but also trade unions) who want to take the step towards this sustainable and social form of energy production together with us. In addition, we want to work with universities, research laboratories, industrial partners and the government to put nuclear energy on a new track. Not only in the Netherlands, but also abroad by creating a positive socio-economic precedent.

We see nuclear energy as a technology that can and must play an essential and integral role in the global energy transition.

For us, a nuclear power plant is more than just a building that produces green electricity. A nuclear power plant is also a community of people who work hard together for a clean future for the Netherlands; a small biotope of passionate technicians, good accountants, Janitors, and salesmen who serve society by providing it with Green Atomic Energy!