The e-Lise Foundation works to maximize the chance that new nuclear power plants will be built in the Netherlands and abroad. Our strategy is aimed at bringing various parties together.

First of all, we want to build a 'coalition of the willing'; a group of municipalities, provinces, RES (Regional Energy Strategy) regions, and industrial parties that want to use nuclear energy to achieve their sustainability goals.

Secondly, together with the government we want to realize new ways of financing. We also want to streamline the licensing framework. This creates a level playing field upon which nuclear energy can build the same momentum that we now see with solar and wind.

Thirdly, we want to work together with vendors and utilities to perform technology assessments that enable our partners involved to achieve the best return on their investment. We want to translate this knowledge into criteria that the government can use in future tenders.

If necessary, e-Lise can play a role in the future creation of a new utility that can realize the objective of e-Lise: use nuclear energy with maximum societal impact.