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Why e-Lise?

Quite a few problems await us on earth: climate change, poverty, air pollution and water scarcity. To name just a few examples. And e-Lise wants to do something about it.

The plans presented today to tackle the above problems show that many policymakers want to apply a great deal of renewable energy (wind and solar) and that nuclear energy is almost always excluded. This is a big mistake. But it also shows that the energy transition that is envisaged is grossly underestimated. Government goals for 2030 are really aimed at the low-hanging fruit. Nevertheless, these goals are already very difficult to achieve without the help of nuclear energy.

The thinking of policymakers is often motivated by a misunderstanding of the scale of the problem and a lack of clarity about nuclear energy. And yet nuclear power is starting to gain popularity among the population.


What is e-Lise trying to achieve?

Through our work, we want to ensure that new nuclear power stations are built in the Netherlands and other countries in Europe. These future nuclear power plants should create added value for all stakeholders — customers, local communities, and those who work fat these future plants — by producing energy products such as electricity, hydrogen, heat for buildings and industry, synthetic fuels and drinking water.

By expanding the production capacity from nuclear energy, we not only make the energy system more reliable, efficient, cheaper and less space-taxing, but we can also effectively reduce the use of fossil fuels and with it eliminate CO2 emissions and air pollution.

More information can be found on the “ Social ” and “ Technology ” pages.


How does e-Lise work?

Due to the increasing popularity of nuclear energy and the importance of rapid action in the field of climate and energy, it is very important that we now stand up to show the policymakers in the Netherlands and European countries that nuclear energy is a popular and good option.

e-Lise's working method is aimed at improving the energy situation in the Netherlands and Europe. It does this by focusing on new techniques and procedures, and by forging alliances that enable the effective deployment and social embedding of nuclear power plants.

More information can be found on the “ Strategy ” page.

And you can help us by either becoming a "Nuclear Friend" or if you are a policy maker/politician by becoming a "Coalition-Builder".


Who is e-Lise?

e-Lise stands for "Energy by Lise Meitner's principle of Nuclear Chain Reactions." Lise Meitner, together with Otto Hahn and his assistant Fritz Strassmann, discovered that atoms could split. Otto Hahn has received the Nobel Prize for this, but Lise Meitner has not, while her contribution was large enough to do so. Fortunately, she has since received many awards for her pioneering work. We would like to honor Lise Meitner for her visionary work and perseverance.


Meet The Team


Dr Albert van der Wijk


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Physicist, Chernobyl researcher, paleoclimatic researcher, entrepreneur


Mathijs Beckers


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Energy Analyst, writes books and makes documentaries about climate change and energy


Drs Gijs Zwartsenberg

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Independent energy philosopher and chairman of the Thorium MSR foundation

Advice and Help

Behind e-Lise are a number of passionate and experienced professionals who combine a rational & technological approach with a broad socio-economic vision and a we-can-do-it mentality.

Would you like to help us accelerate the Nuclear Renaissance? We are still looking for people with different skills in politics, communication, graphic design, among others. Don't hesitate: Mail us!

These people help e-Lise in a personal capacity.


Luciano Duran Morales MFP

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Commercial Pricing Expert in the financial & energy world


Dr. Rogier Potter van Loon

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economics & public finance Expert


Joris van Dorp M.Sc.

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Civil engineer


Olguita Oudendijk

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Chairman of the Ecomodernism Foundation, Entrepreneur, Lawyer


Tjerk Kuipers M.Sc.

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Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection Expert


Ir. Jan Rhebergen

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electrical engineer / data scientist


Rudi van der Wel B.Sc.

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Political and communications advisor